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Simply disinfecting touch points in the office on a regular basis can drastically reduce you and your employee’s chances of spreading and catching any sicknesses. This means less sick days for you and your employees, and greater office productivity! Below are several ways office cleaning can prevent the spread of germs and sickness in the office.

1. Touch Points: Touch points are any place in the office that people come into direct contact with. This list includes door knobs, lighting switch plates, phones, keyboards, computer mice, desktops, kitchen counters, and water fountains. These areas should be a top priority and should be disinfected on a regular basis because they are hot spots for germs and pathogens.

2. The Bathrooms: Office bathrooms are a place where germs can spread, but they are also a place where germs can be stopped. Touch points such as flush handles, door knobs, sink handles and the paper towel dispenser are hot spots for germs, but proper personal hygiene can prevent the spread of germs from the bathroom. We recommend placing signs in the bathroom encouraging employees to wash their hands.

3. Protection: You never know what is going to walk through your door, but with a little preparation you can help protect your employees and potential clients. We recommend strategically placing bottles of hand sanitizer and tissues around your lobby and office for people to use. You should leave them on any tables or counters you have. And don’t forget to have waste baskets nearby so any trash can be safely disposed of!