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Here are some tips to make sure you, the client, get the best results from your cleaning service:

Prioritize Your Cleaning: Be sure to walk through the job with your cleaning service. Doing so helps both parties iron out proper expectations, and it sets the stage for an honest, respectful future working relationship. You’ll also get an idea of what your cleaner sees when he walks through your office or home.

Establish open communication: People’s needs change, so we encourage our clients to speak with us if there are specific changes needed for any particular cleaning session. If more time is needed, or you have an area of your home or office that needs more attention, we are happy to accommodate you.

Clear a path for the cleaners: Take a few minutes the morning of your scheduled cleaning, or the night before, to pick up your office or home. Think about how much of your personal possessions the cleaner will have to move to clean under or around. Group things together, pile up your papers, corral all that laundry. If you have a lot of bathroom/dresser-top items, put them in a basket or cabinet for the day. Invest in desk organizers to keep your desk free of paperclips, staplers, pens and calculators. Saving worker’s time on non-cleaning related activities translates to more actual cleaning time for your dollar.

Relax: A professional cleaner helps free you up to spend time on the things that matter to you – working on, not in your business, or spending time with friends and family. Don’t waste this gift by hovering over your maid or cleaning service as they move through your cleaning list. Armed with your initial input, our trained professionals will deliver great results each and every time.

Provide feedback: Did you absolutely love the way your reception area looked after a scheduled cleaning? Did your floors sparkle? Let us know what really impresses you and we will make sure your expectations are met or exceeded every time! Did your cleaning professional miss something? Tell us so that we can ensure that your office or home is cleaned to your special needs. Providing feedback will help your cleaning service to deliver 100% satisfaction.

Get the most out of your cleaning service and you will take back more hours of your life to spend on the activities you really enjoy!